Top tips when talking to patients about REGAINE®

As a Pharmacy professional you are in an ideal position to offer some trusted advice to patients in the management of their hair loss and how REGAINE® can help. Here are some tips to make that advice the best possible:


Tip One: Be discreet

Patients with hair loss may be too embarrassed to talk about it openly in front of other customers. So if your pharmacy has a consultation area, ask if they would like to talk there or in another, more private, space.


Tip Two: Use sensitive language

Demonstrate that you understand the concerns and sensitivities of patients by avoiding terms like ‘hair loss’ or ‘balding’ in favour of more sensitive language such as ‘thinning hair’. Also, you might want to use open questions such as:

  • “How have you found this shampoo?”
  • “Has it made a difference to your hair?”
  • “If you are worried about your hair we have some leaflets that you may be interested in?”
  • “I don't know if you are aware that there are some medical treatments that can help with thinning hair?”

Tip Three: Be aware of suitability

Tailor your conversation to the patient’s age and gender. For instance, younger women might want to know about their treatment options if they are pregnant or thinking of starting a family.


Tip Four: Provide advice about usage

Don’t forget to advise the patient on how to apply REGAINE® and the need to include it as part of a regular grooming routine.


Tip Five: Manage expectations

Remember to tell patients that they must keep using REGAINE® to see results. For example, with REGAINE® Foam hair shedding may occur in the first 2-6 weeks and results should be visible by week 16.